Designer  Sofia Mohr, Sebastián Águila
Publisher — Sofia Mohr
Date Apr 2018 

Amazônia is a multidisciplinary design project that joins calligraphy, illustration and web design with the whole purpose of letting know and creating conscience about the threaten wildlife of the Brazilian Amazon.

The main element of this project is Amazônia Script, a type design inspired in the exotic wildlife of the Amazon. Completely draw in brush pen by Sofia Mohr, it’s a versatile font that contains 763 slightly rugged and condensed glyphs, with fast and curved strokes, swashes (for capital and lower case letters) and alternate characters. It also includes a decorative variant; Amazônia Life, developed with designer Sebastián Águila, that contains 52 endangered animal dingbats and each dingbat has an alternative variant drawn especially for applications in dark backgrounds.


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