Designer  Sofia Mohr
Publisher — Latinotype
Date Feb 2023

Campeche is an expressive yet functional typeface family. Seeking to express its beauty, it twists the conventions of classic typography when necessary.

Campeche finds its inspiration in the grotesque typefaces of the late 19th century coupled with a typical Latin American playful sense that gives it a modern freshness.

The initial form arises from the idea of expanding Seriguela, evolving along the way, becoming its own system with a unique personality.

Campeche is designed for today’s requirements. It is available in two styles and three widths, from condensed to extended, with 9 weights each, totaling 54 fonts, in addition to the variable version.

Campeche is a comprehensive typographic system that provides versatility for almost any use. It can be used for packaging, editorial, branding… etc. The mix of widths and between the normal and display versions can generate complex graphic parts or systems with different levels of hierarchy, without losing unity.



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